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Chongqing Medical Health Industry Co., Ltd. based on the major opportunities for the development of medical health industry, adhere to pioneering and innovation, intensive cultivation。The business field covers pharmaceutical commerce, pharmaceutical industry, medical care and health, forming a relatively complete industrial chain。It owns A-share listed company Heavy Medicine Holdings (000950), national intellectual property advantage enterprise and Chongqing Technology Innovation demonstration Enterprise。

Chongqing Qianye Health Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Heavy Medicine Qianye") as the core of the medical care and health care sector, from the three major formats of medical care, elderly care and rehabilitation to health management and smart medical extension development。Established in 1938, Heavy Steel General Hospital is a modern general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation and health care。The hospital has a municipal key discipline establishment unit (cardiovascular medicine),8 district-level medical quality control centers (anesthesia, medical examination, medical imaging, hospital infection, orthopedics, emergency department, stomatology, hemodialysis),6 district-level key disciplines (Critical Care Medicine, Orthopedics, Respiratory Medicine, cardiovascular medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ultrasound),More than 1,000 beds are open。By participating in the integration of staff hospitals of state-owned enterprises and the reform of public hospitals, Heavy Medicine Qianye has built characteristic specialty hospitals, laid out primary medical outlets, and initially formed a pyramid-type hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service system with Heavy Steel General Hospital as the spire, specialty hospitals and secondary general hospitals as the tower, and primary medical institutions as the base。Construct the high-end medical care service complex of Youshi Senior Society,Develop institutional old-age care;By building community health centers,Construct the model of community medical care combination,We will provide community home care services for the elderly,Establish a community home care service system integrating medical and nursing care;Explore a new model of "Internet plus" home-based care for the elderly,Combine online and offline,Building a three-dimensional elderly care service platform。At the same time, the management and operation of health examination, nutrition and health care, sports and fitness, beauty, psychological counseling and other services in one of the "one-stop" health management services。

At present, heavy medicine Qianye to "medical, health, health, wisdom" five formats as the development direction, hospital management, supply chain cooperation, industrial chain development as the starting point。Through the establishment of Heavy Steel General Hospital to become a tertiary general hospital and university affiliated hospital, relying on medical treatment, to carry out the combination of medical care and health management services for the society, explore smart medical care, and strive to become a comprehensive medical care and health management platform with national competitiveness and influence。



Pyramid-shaped hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system

Heavy Steel Hospital

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